4 Wedding Speech Essential Tips!!

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares 4 easy tips to get you through the Wedding Speech.

Hello Brides and Grooms. We are gathered here today to….read my blog! Only messing! The wedding speeches can the most dreaded part of the day for both the guests and the couple but does it have to be?

As a wedding photographer it is one of my favourite parts of the day. The facial expressions vary widely and result in some of the most personable photographs from the day.  The thought of great photos isn’t going to calm the nervous but perhaps there are some tips that can help


I’ve photographed a few weddings lately were the speeches have taken place amidst the wedding guests, for example the steps of the venue with the family and friends gathered around or in the grounds of the venue. Once you take away the top table / class room like set up it does seem to take the pressure off a nervous couple.

Practice and bullet points

Its definitely worth having a run through your speech. It’s not often you have a room of people giving you your full attention. Short bullet points will insure you don’t forget the best parts and the important thank yous.


Remember everyone in the room you have handpicked to share your special day. You’re not in an interview or auditioning for a part in an movie. You are speaking to your new wife or husband and your family and friends.


My favourite...A little Dutch Courage does help. Just remember to keep a steady hand! Good luck!! :)