Winter Wedding Quick Tips!

Weddings no longer just take place in the warmer months – lots of people opt for the Winter Wedding option which can make for a great atmosphere and some moody photography too! There are of course things that are essential to consider and here is a list of 10 quick tips to bear in mind when planning your Winter Wedding!

Create a Cozy Reception!

As a Cork Wedding Photographer here in Ireland we always prepare for rain. Even in summer! This does not suggest that it will rain on the day but you never know and it pays to be prepared. Think fires, hot drinks, and hot whiskeys even? Warmth for your guests is essential so speak with your venue or Wedding Coordinator in regards to creating a lovely warm atmosphere.

Consider your greeting line

Remember not to leave guests hanging around outside in the cold maybe encourage them to move on to the reception and enjoy a hot cup of tea or whatever you have prepared – you could even suggest the Priest or Master of Ceremonies to mention this.

Throw a funky coat or fur style coat into your Wedding Dress

Not only will it look fantastic but obviously it will keep you warm – essential in surviving a colder day.

Umbrellas and Coats for Photos

As a Cork and Wedding Photographer it is essential to have your bride and groom enjoying themselves. Obviously in winter we have the risk of rain and obviously cold. Bring coats and umbrellas. I often ask the bride and groom to choose their own to suit their style – you might want something nice and colourful to brighten up that grey sky. It’s not always raining or grey but be prepared!

Colour is my best friend when it comes to Winter Wedding Photography

Those who have worked with me or viewed my Weddings in Cork and Kerry will know I am a big fan of beautiful colour in my work. If you have planned a Winter Wedding think about adding lots and lots of colour to your reception, ceremony, Wedding Dress, Grooms Suits, wherever you can. It adds warmth and fun to your day and creates a lovely atmosphere.