How to prepare for the photographs on your wedding day

Sean Clarke is one of the finest Cork Wedding Photographers and shares some of his tips on preparing for the photo shoot on your big day. Here are 5 tips that will help you prepare:

1.       Have a small make-up bag handy for those all-important touch ups. In my time as a Wedding Photographer I have noticed many brides delegate this job to their Chiefs Bridesmaid to take care of the whereabouts of this bag on the day. An excellent tip that will free you up to just enjoy the moment.

2.       Always speak to your Photographer about any concerns you may have prior to the day. Remember as an experienced Wedding Photographer I have been in many different situations with rain, wind and yes – too much sun! I will be able to help put your mind at ease with any concerns about the photos as I have come across many scenarios and have many solutions – just ask – that’s what I’m here for

3.       Share your creative vision with me as often I can work with you to achieve great results and am open to discussing your ideas. I will always an abundance of ideas and creative wedding photography shots in mind but am very open to suggestions always. I can also advise of things I feel will not work for whatever reason so it is worth openly sharing ideas with me.

4.       Keep it simple when it comes to location. Often Wedding photos are planned offsite at a beautiful park or place, sometimes some great street shots in the city happen or at Castles. Either way - don’t forget the layout of your day and the fact that travel time and group organisation must be considered. The more simple the day – the more you will actually get out of it including wedding photography. I plan the day with you and will be able to help you make the right choices anyway.

5.       Relax and enjoy yourself – this is my main tip with any piece of advice – it’s your Wedding and it’s so important that you enjoy your day. As planning a Wedding is such a huge part of what I do – it is often easy to piece together a day that is both relaxed and allows you to have your photographs in an idealistic setting but most importantly think of yourself and what makes you happy. The happier you are the happier your photographs will be! 

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