5 Tips for Choosing the Right Photographer

Cork Wedding Photographer shares some tips on choosing the right Photographer for your Wedding.

A wedding is perhaps the single most special day in the life of a couple. You are getting ready to profess your love for each other and bind yourselves forever. Such an event calls for someone who can help capture and preserve these happy memories; a professional wedding photographer.

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Today, almost every wedding, no matter what the scale, has a photographer. But what really makes a good photographer? Someone you can rely on to capture the best, most important moments of your life? Someone to tell your unique story?

In my opinion, a good Wedding Photographer is one who has not only a passion for the art form itself, but the ability to recognize and capture the perfect moment. This means that a photographer knows what is the best way to shoot a couple, which compositions will bring out the best in the subjects and how to make an ordinary scene look positively beautiful. In my opinion Wedding Photography should be imaginative, creative and capture the feeling and atmosphere of the day.


The best photographers are the ones who make the subjects, including the couple, feel at ease. When the subjects are at ease, the photographer can find it much easier to bring out their best side and have them be their own selves while their happiest moments are captured. The more natural the better!


Tips for Choosing the Right Photographer

When shopping for a photographer for your weddings, you should look for the following things.

  1. Wedding Photography Expertise: Wedding photography is a very specialized genre of photography. It is not the same as fashion or fine-art photography, in the way that you have to work with several people at once, none of whom are professional models. I believe that your Photographer needs to relate to you and have a good understanding of your expectations of the day.
  2. Extensive Knowledge of Composition Techniques: While strictly artistic in nature, this criterion will help you find a photographer who will make your photos resemble works of art. A photographer who is well versed in composition will also have a natural affinity for group photos, lots of which will be taken throughout the wedding.
  3. Ability to capture candidly and naturally: At a wedding, the majority of the guests tend to be very upbeat and naturally excited. This calls for a photographer who can capture that excitement wherever they see it, be it among a group of friends, or the family of the bride, or the couple’s own children even. This is all part of telling your story and putting images together that will become your happiest memories of the day.
  4. Look through the Photographers’ Portfolios: This is perhaps the most important part of choosing a photographer. Each photographer has their own distinct style. Even though the genre is the same, different photographers have different styles and it is important to see several portfolios and go with whichever suits you the best.
  5. Budget for Photography: Work out your budget and decide how important the memories of your day are going to be. Most Photographers will have various options available depending on how much coverage you want. Beware of those “cheap deals” after all you get what you pay for and in my opinion your photos will last a lifetime and passed on to generations – can you really put a price on that? Pay for quality photography that suits your style.

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