7 Tips on how to throw the best wedding ever!

7 Tips on how to throw the best wedding ever!

As a Cork and Kerry Wedding Photographer I have seen many great Weddings and wanted to share some tips with you that could be a game changer to your Wedding Plan and help you put on the best wedding ever!

1. A Well planned seating arrangement

We all love throwing a bloody good party don’t we? Well I do anyway…seating is one of the essential ingredients to kick your big Wedding night off. As a Cork and Kerry Wedding Photographer I have seen mixing your guests up a little at the dinner tables to encourage conversation – a great idea! You will know your guests well enough as to who will suit who when it comes to having a bit of craic. This is well worth dedicating some time to getting right in order to start your night off with a good vibe.

2. Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable and Entertained

Make sure your guests are comfy and entertained. While you are off getting your Wedding Photos think about music at the reception – a small band? some trad? a DJ? Something to add atmosphere to the event and of course a few drinks and nibbles are always welcome too!

3. Keep Speeches Short

Speeches – wherever possible - keep ‘em short! Speeches are always best when heartfelt, to the point and preferably hilarious. Sometimes 1 brilliant short story can be much more entertaining for your guests than a novel. Be sincere – this usually comes across incredibly strong even if public speaking isn’t your forte.

4. Late Night Snacks

This can always be a great idea too – even simple ham and cheese sandwiches like your mammy makes or sausage rolls! After a few drinks and some serious moves on the dance floor it’s good to refuel for that late night sing along!

5. Give Wedding Favours People will use

Wedding favours can be a really nice touch! But what about something useful – like Nurofen Plus for the day after! You decide – these favours can always be made to be nice and personal too – get creative.

6. Skip Traditions That Don’t Fit Your Style - or change it up!

Everybody is different and I say “each to their own”. If there are certain traditional values that simply don’t really fit into your way of thinking – skip them! There are so many different styles of Irish Wedding nowadays whether it be the actual ceremony or that fact that you don’t want to wait until the ceremony for the first glance at each other – skip it! It’s your Wedding day. 

7. Music makes the world go round!

For me, music at a Wedding is one of the biggest decisions. At my own wedding last year we had a brilliant Soul band that added a lively touch to the night playing all the classic Motown tunes. The floor was packed and the music was fab! Music in the ceremony adds a lovely touch also so this should never be overlooked. Check out a few bands and DJ’s and once again look to fulfill your own tastes – a personal touch makes all the difference.