Cork City Street Wedding Photography is a Winner!

Getting married in Cork City? Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares some tips on places to go to get a variety of Streetscape or Urban style Wedding Photographs.

Sometimes couples get married right here in the City of Cork or any City in Ireland for that matter, as opposed to a Country side or sea side venue. This calls for some thinking outside of the box and getting creative. Rather than the classic beautiful Wedding shots that are taken at the seaside or on a beautiful hilltop or in a wide open field I am a big fan of streetscapes. I incorporate old buildings, doorways and pubs and even the street itself wherever I can in my Wedding Photography. This adds a certain fun flavour to your Wedding photos and can spice them up a bit!

I always try to capture some beautiful “nature style” shots with trees in a park which can be found in most cities too but don’t neglect the atmosphere of the street and especially in Cork or Kerry Weddings where there are old buildings, pubs and landmarks a plenty.

I have done City Church Weddings where we have headed out for a simple walk through Cork City to capture some great colourful shots using spray-painted walls with graffiti and also some of the small parks in Cork City. Not to mention some of the older spots in Cork like the street s in the Shandon area. I love the urban city landscape and am always keen to take my Brides and Grooms on a short walk to get some of those photos.

Remember get creative and think outside the box if you want your Wedding Photos to have that something a little different!

Blog by Sean Clarke Photography