First 4 steps in your Wedding Planning

First 4 steps in your Wedding Planning

Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke offers up 4 simple tips on getting your big Wedding Plans underway



 Sorry to take the romance out of it girls and guys but this will make many decisions easier for you! By knowing your Wedding Budget it will makes things a lot clearer. A small budget wedding doesn’t mean a "downsized wedding" so to speak in face as a Wedding Photograspher some of the most beautful Weddings I have shot have been smaller, simplied and stripped back. This approach lends itself towards a beautifully initmate day. There are many venues willing to negotiate on price mid week and thats only the beginning.  Have a look at your savings accounts , do a rough plan of how much you could save over a year or so and also how much you are willing to spend on your big day.
From Christmas to Valentines is peak engagement session.  You are still getting used to your sparkly new ring and already getting fed up with the same old questions. "Have you set the date"?  "Have you looked at venues"?
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the excitement, however stick to the below 4 steps to planning the day and they will help you on the way

Guest List

A quick role call will highlight the size of venue you will need for your big day. Check with both sets of parents to ensure you are a wear of any requests for neighbours and old family friends to attend. These requests can and will add up. Be willing to compromise - both you and your fiancé. For example do work colleagues need to bring dates? Will "first-cousins-only" be making the cut?

Now you have a rough idea of the guest list and budget.This info will be help you eliminate unsuitable venues pretty lively .This will also highlight the venues that suit your needs. I would make my day as Bride and Groom as easy as possible. Less travel between locations will ensure more time for photos and more time chilling out with guests. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the venue, if you don’t want to use their table cloths can they reduce the corkage fee?  
When is the venue available? Do you have wedding guests that will have to travel from over seas? Are any dates sentimental to you and your partner? The date you both chose can influence the style of your wedding and your dress! 

Go forth and plan!

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