5 “MUST DO EARLY” tips for Planning your 2017 Wedding

5 “MUST DO EARLY” tips for Planning your 2017 Wedding

Planning your Wedding is a huge job there is no denying it. It’s also an exciting mission meeting many different experts in the Wedding industry from florists and car hire to wedding photographers and venues it can be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be though – remember to keep it simple, follow your heart and do your research.

Here are 5 tips that will help you plan your Wedding this year and give you things to think about. If you are 10-12 months away from your Wedding date these are the things you need to organise and get lined up and booked as options will become slimmer the later you leave booking the big stuff!


Don’t leave this long at all. You probably already have an idea as to the surroundings and Wedding style you are after from seeing pictures online, attending Weddings and hearing stories from your married friends. Meet venue owners, work out your budget, number of guests and get it booked! If you don’t your date may be booked and you will have to look elsewhere – get in early on this booking!

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There are some amazing make-up artists in Cork and Kerry and throughout Ireland and they are in high demand when it comes to Weddings. Often the Make Up artist is one of the first people to be booked for the Wedding so it’s important to get in quick in order to get the artist you are after! Don’t delay here.


Now here is a topic I know about! Once again there is a group of very talented Photographers in Cork and Kerry and we are always receiving inquiries for dates and meeting with brides and grooms to share information, offer advice and show albums that are available. Good Wedding Photography is absolutely crucial as the photos you receive will be your memories for life. To get first dibs on your favourite Wedding Photographer get in quick as spaces get booked at least a year in advance usually and you don’t want to be left disappointed with your Uncle and an old pocket camera taking blurry images of your special day!!

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I would recommend getting in a year before and then holding off for any adjustments until a few months before the Wedding as to give you time to get in shape or whatever it is you may want to achieve. Having said that shopping around is important to get a feel for what style you are looking for. There are so many options - the only way is to get organised and shop around nice and early so there is no last minute rush.

Good luck with your planning and if I can help in any way get in touch on 0851227243 or check out my website on http://www.seanclarkephotography.com/ for more handy tips!