Table Plans - ideas and tips to help you get it right


The wedding meal lasts for about 2-3 hours and is a huge part of your Wedding day. Seating plans and decorations are two important aspects of this meal to add atmosphere and give your Wedding that little extra personal stamp. Cork Wedding Photographer Sean Clarke shares some tips that will help:

Having a seating plan and preferably an interesting table plan at your wedding helps everything to run smoothly and can add a bit of character to your overall Wedding experience. Make sure you help your guests avoid the mad panic of trying to find a seat.

It’s always good to start organising your seating plan as soon as possible to avoid too much stress. Don’t wait for all the RSVPs to come in before you start planning as it may become too much of a rush before the big day when there are other important things to sort out. You can always edit your seating plan nearer the time according to your RSVPs.

Knowing how any people fir into your chosen venue is key. Talk with your venue Wedding Coordinator for ideas on layouts and seating arrangements to make sure you don’t come up short on seats too!

Mix it up

This part of Wedding planning can be lots of fun. Rather than keeping all your family’s separate why not mix the tables up a little to encourage conversation and allow them to mingle. Be aware of age groups and interests or what characters might suit each other. I wouldn’t worry too much about whether everyone knows each other inside out a few drinks and a beautiful meal tends to change all that pretty quickly.

Always use a clear seating arrrangement so your guests can find their seats easily and quickly. The plan should be easy to read and understand. As a Cork and Kerry Wedding Photographer I have seen so many great ideas at Weddings. Naming tables after countries you have both visited together, films you love, your favourite bands, love songs, or albums. The list goes on….get creative!

Make sure you have a good mix of men and women, boys and girls at each table. This will lighten the mood and make conversation easier also.


You can always break tradition and assign guests to tables rather than allocated seats, giving them the choice of who they sit next to during the reception. I saw this done recently and it worked a real treat! It probably cuts down on your planning time too!

Talk to your Venue Wedding Coordinator!

Sometimes these are the jobs that become tough. Don’t forget to speak with the professionals – that’s what they do for a living and should know what they are talking about and be happy to help you plan the seating arrangement. You could even delegate and give the job to your chief bridesmaid?

Don’t overthink it

Remember a Wedding takes so much care, planning and vision and this can occasionally become stressful. Don’t let it! Spending hours and days on a seating plan is not a good idea and will leave you baffled. Get the job done and move on to the next job. You can always make small last minute changes with little fuss and the help of your Wedding Venue.